Starting off, this game began with the DnD Starter set, with the first main boss being a blue dragon named Tusnmauge. at the time I had only two people playing, that grew to three soon, and sometimes i would have a forth join in.

the PC’s are:

Thor-rogue/Ranger & Doughnut-Barbarian= same player

Julian sky- also a rogue/Ranger

Yunin- Sorcerer- sorcerer

Key NPC’s:

Stalker demon: fallows Thor wherever he goes, collecting the souls from which Thor captures in his jar.

Balthazaar: Adviser to the king, with an evil plot. some kind of sorcerer.

Tusnmaug: A blue dragon who plots to take over the region for himself and family. he uses humans to do his bidding.

Tusnmaug’s Guardian: a god slayer, loyal to Tusnmaug’s cause.

Gamble: A Gnome Bard, who traveled with them to try and make the PC’s famous.

Fraydoh: An Orc Barbarian, vowed to Gamble on a life debt that he plans to pay. the become good friends.

The Game so far:(Cut extremely short) Tusnmauge was defeted, he went in search for something to get more powerful, he found and aging stone. the pc’s get to a small kingdom where the king is looking for adventurers to do some quests for him. The Pc’s get locked up the first time they meet him but slowly work him over to free them. all the while the kings adviser plots to over throw the king, his name is balthazaar. an evil sorcerer that wants to get into the kings vault to retrieve a specific item, that only a select few know about. this magical item, will be a key roll in Balthazaars plans to overthrow the king.

unfortunatly, a war is going on between Werewolves and Vampires at this time. and each time they battle at night traveling from town to town to replenish there strength. they get close to Pc’s, the king sends them on a suicide mission to go and stop them. the pc’s end up finding a cross that wards evil. Balthazaar didn’t see this coming, every moment that he stood by the king his flesh was burning. he needed to act fast. he needed the magic item in the vault that he was looking for.

Balthazaar found away out of the kingdom, but was unfortunately discovered as a spy/traitor. he flee’s for a time and finds a black castle, the biggest he had ever seen, with a tower at the center with a purple crystal at the top. Balthazaar moves into the abandoned castle learns of its history. the crystal is an arcane amplifier, made by an ancient group of wizards centuries ago.

Balthazaar finally reveals he is a necromancer, he uses his small undead army to attack the kingdom. a distraction while he slips into the castles vault to retrieve the magical artifact. when the battle to save the kingdom is over, the king finds out what had happened, and he sends the PC’s to go retrieve what was stolen.

The Item stolen, was a magical artifact that had the ability to bring a dragon back as an undead draconicon. there is ruins near by where a heuge black dragon’s remains dwell. the pc’s race to get there in time, but balthazaar is too power full for them, and the pc’s are too late. balthazaar raises the dragon. balthazaar immediately fly to the black castle. then balthazaar chases after the pc’s, one of witch(not one of the main, but a temp PC who was only playing for a couple of sessions) he was about to kill, when thor shot the PC first making the killing blow before balthazaar could. the pc’s flee.

The pc’s get back to town, surprised to see that it was still somewhat in one piece. the black dragon didn’t attack yet. the PC’s needed to get stronger faster, they recieved another quest, from a lady in town. telling them they needed to go to the wearhouse. in the wearhouse, the PC’s descover that Tusnmauge is still alive. the PC’s search for him. and are led into a trap which they are then beatin chained, bagged, and starved. Tusnmauge has them moved to one of his hideouts. Tusnmaug wants revenge and wants to see them rot in his dungeon for all time.

The PC’s are locked away for six months, while locked away they over hear the guards talking sometimes about a black dragon destroying all nearby villages and kingdoms. the PC’s are able to break out of there cell’s and get there equipment back. just to fall into another one of Tusnmaugs traps. he decides that they could be of some value to him. he creates a ritual. and the pc’s must decide. they are standing in the middle of at least 100 of tusnmaugs followers. they decide whether to join with Tusnmauge or die; they had to decide right away. they all chose life. they all drank some of Tusnmaugs blood. a ritual which made made their alignments turn evil. and now the Blue dragon could telepathically enter there minds without them even knowing.

Tusnmaugs first quest for them was to look for Balthazaars Black castle hide out. it takes the pc’s a while to find it but when they do, the black castle is surrounded by undead. zombies and skeletons, most don’t notice the pc’s but a good amount do. the pc’s fight all night long taking out 100 undead to get to the castle. once they get to the caslte doors the undead stop noticeing them, and they get once nights rest before they enter the castle. the pc’s try to take out an npc fallowing the party, Gamble, a gnome bard that fallows them to write songs and make them famous. but gamble makes Lumendes tiny lodge and is safely secured for the night, even though the pc’s try braking down the door, and trying to set the house on fire. though its fire proof. the pc’s give up and sleep on the roof.

the next day the pc’s enter the black castle, the first floor is a giant room with arches and pillars with an ancient language, there are lava pits in each corner of the room, and a bigger one in the center. the heat from this room was almost unbearable. the pc’s find two additional rooms here, one with a giant map, and underneath was an inscription in the same ancient language. it took the pc’s a little while but they discovered the key word: GATEKEEPERS. once assembled in the right order on the plaque a doorway opens up in the center of the ceiling and as the pc’s reach the exit of the room they are in, the black dragon emerges from the opening. the party fights and slays Balthazaar’s black dragon.

with the dragon slain the pc’s turn on Gamble again, but he tele-ports away, to the next floor, just to be killed by Balthazaar. they pc’s then use a scroll found to open a portal back to town. they emerge in the same kingdom they started in. except now it lays in ruins, survivors are all over, but most where killed, when the black dragon attacked the town.

as the pc’s take time to recover, the portal to the kingdom stays open allowing anything or anyone to travel through. Balthazaar utilizes this, he sends massive amounts of undead through the portal, to neighboring towns to raze them to the ground. during this time is where the game has temporarily ended.

this is where the new pc’s will enter, they awake in the middle of the night to screaming in the streets. undead flowing through the city.