Julian "July" Sky




STR 11
DEX 19
CON 16
INT 16
WIS 13
CHA 13

HP 86
AC 20
Speed 50ft
Initiative 8
F/R/W 8/18/5
Base Attack Bonus 12/7/2
Grapple 12

Weapon of Choice:

Light Crossbow of Shock
Attack Bonus 19/14/9
Damage 2d6+6
Critical 19-20/x2
Range 80ft


Balance 13
Climb 6
Craft-Trapmaking 10
Disable Device 15
Escape Artist 17
Heal 12
Hide 17
Listen 12
Move Silently 19
Open Lock 20
Search 16
Spot 12
Pickpocket 13


Point Blank Shot
Light Armor Proficiency
Rapid Shot
Lightning Reflexes
Precise Shot
Weapon Finesse
Many Shot
Weapon Focus-Crossbow

Special Abilities

Elven Blood
Sneak Attack
Low Light Vision
Trap Finding +2
Uncanny Dodge
Favored Enemy (undead)
Favored Enemy (humanoid Human)
Wild Empathy
Improved Combat Style


Resist Energy Acid-10

Other Possessions



Julian Sky, mostly known as July, is a woman of thievery and poise. Her life before her adventuring is kept under tight locks, she doesn’t talk about it with anyone. The only thing most people know about her is that she usually travels with her half brother, Thor. She is devoted to him beyond reason, usually rolling her eyes as she follows him into his sometimes murderous antics. She’s a cunning thief, and despite her low charisma, will sleep with pretty much any man or woman that will give her a good time or some other sort of benefit. She’s done so to distract a shopkeeper while Thor, who’s another thief, stole his wares. She’s slept with a priest to get some free holy water only to find out that he was just the priest’s brother. When the brother found out, though, he felt sorry for her and did in fact, bless the fake holy water his brother had given her. July is a fun, intelligent warrior, devotion and loyalty being her highest morals.

Julian "July" Sky

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